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Seamless Home Sales & Moving Solutions

Treat yourself. Let Lightning illuminate your way to a simpler move.
Optional Sorting, Decluttering, Organizing, Packing, Unpacking +

Relax, pamper yourself while we make your life easier. We can also coordinate estate sales, charitable donations, junk removal - everything to prepare your home for sale.

Considerations for downsizing a home involve assessing lifestyle needs, financial implications, emotional attachments, family impact and practicalities like decluttering, sorting and packing.

Opting for a broker well-versed in downsizing and/or senior moving services proves to be the optimal choice. Our expertise ensures a smoother transition, understanding of your unique needs, and finding the perfect space for a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

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Our clients trust us in making a smooth path to downsizing. Experience a partnership that honors your individual story, values, and aspirations. Embrace change confidently with us by your side.



Crafting Your Ideal Tomorrow, Today.

Crafted for you, with finesse, our experienced team guarantees a smooth downsizing experience, driven by your vision and guided by our professionalism.



Empathy illuminates our approach. We embrace your journey with insightful understanding, respecting your treasures and keepsakes, we mold downsizing solutions that echo your unique experience.

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Preparing Your Home for Sale Declutter - Sort - Organize

Amidst the chaos of moving, find clarity and order with our comprehensive decluttering, sorting and organizing solutions. We declutter with purpose, sort with care, and organize with finesse. Witness the transformation as chaos gives way to a meticulously arranged environment, setting the stage for a smooth and well-structured move.

Moving Specialist

Packing and Unpacking

Say goodbye to the stress of packing and experience the joy of entering your new home, where everything is in its rightful place. Our meticulous organization ensures that your items are neatly arranged, making settling in a breeze. From kitchen essentials to cherished mementos, every item will find its perfect spot.

Personalized Approach

Estate Sales - Donations - Junk Removal

From coordinating elegant estate sales that honor your legacy, to facilitating impactful donations that bring positive change, and providing efficient junk removal to prepare your home for sale – we cover every angle to ensure your home is perfectly prepared to captivate potential buyers and fetch the best value. 

About Us

Meet Margaret Hassani: Your Trusted Guide at Lightning Realty Since 1996.

Welcome to Lightning Realty, where Margaret Hassani has been a trusted partner in real estate and moving services since 1996. With expertise and compassion, she has guided countless individuals and families through the process of buying, selling, and moving.

Margaret's seasoned wisdom and empathetic touch have woven unforgettable stories of home for countless clients. From first-time buyers to seasoned senior sellers, each chapter is crafted with meticulous care and unwavering dedication. Through the highs and lows of the real estate market, Margaret's guidance transforms uncertainty into confidence, and houses into cherished havens. With Lightning Realty, you're not just entering a transaction – you're stepping into a narrative of trust, experience, compassion and a legacy built on turning dreams into addresses. Your next step begins with our enduring story.

Margaret Hassani

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