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Meet Margaret Hassani: Your Trusted Guide in Real Estate Since 1996.

Welcome to Lightning Realty, where Margaret Hassani has been a trusted partner in real estate and senior moving services since 1996. With expertise and compassion, she has guided countless individuals and families through the process of buying, selling, and moving.

A Senior Real Estate Specialist at Lightning Realty in Tampa, where your downsizing journey finds its perfect match. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of your unique needs, Margaret will be your dedicated partner in transitioning to your next chapter in life.

Are you ready to embark on a seamless downsizing adventure? Margaret's ensures your are pampered through a smooth process, tailored to your preferences and aspirations. From spacious family homes to cozy retreats, she curates a personalized approach to match your lifestyle.

With an unmatched network and a pulse on the Tampa real estate market, she transforms the daunting task of downsizing into an exciting opportunity.

As a Senior Real Estate Specialist, Margaret specializes in the emotional and practical aspects of moving. She offers a supportive hand to seniors and their families, providing not only real estate expertise but also genuine care.

Let Margaret's passion for helping you flourish in your new space ignite your downsizing journey. Contact Margaret Hassani at Lightning Realty today at (813) 766-1501for a free consultation.

Margaret Hassani

Client Reviews

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Margaret Hassani is an excellent realtor. She does many things positively different than any others I have seen in today's real estate market. They professionally furnished house if you are selling one. Her skill of advertising your house is remarkable. She even reimbursed for home inspection and part of the repair cost. I highly recommend anyone who is in market to sell or purchase house. You will get 5 star service through out!

M. Redman
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We moved from another state and Margaret was very helpful in the search for homes and assisting with processing paperwork as needed for our VA loan. We did a great deal of online searching and email correspondence with Margaret and she was always prompt in her responses. She was knowledgeable about VA restrictions in purchasing a home. We would use her again if selling or purchasing in the Tampa area.

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Margaret is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of buying and selling homes. She has great contacts and can help you through the pressure and uncertainties of selling and buying. She is easy to get in contact with and responds to your needs in a very timely manner. She is also very personable, likeable and has a great attitude. I enjoyed spending time with her!

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Margaret is a true professional who goes above and beyond her expected duties as a realtor. She listens to your concerns and helps to guide you based on her expertise in the real estate market. You will not regret working with Margaret Hassani.

Lynn Lico, Tampa
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Margaret was a great help in our process in looking then buying our home. She was always very informative and proactive with the banks in getting our home. I would recommend her in your help of searching and buying your home.

J. Perry
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Margie made it easy and simple for me to find exactly what I wanted from a home. She was very professional and was with me throughout the whole process. She is the best, bar none.

D. Boateng
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Margaret was an absolute delight to work with! She knew what we were looking for and did a great job finding houses in our price range and helped us find a house we loved!

M. Mitchell
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Marg is a great realtor to work with, bar none. She listens to customer needs and is able to relate to customer's situation. She was there every step of the way.